The wonderland Ritual

Escape the ordinary and make yourself a Glittery Night In (or a brilliant prep for a night out!) with this dreamy bath ritual. From a relaxing mermaid Spa like soak to a crystal powered meditation and with a shimmery hydration finish, you have all you need to up-grade your self-care time.

BOD 20 min Mermaid Bath Prep This incredible blend of bath salts, botanical extracts and beautiful fish friendly glitter,  will leave you feeling refreshed and toned. It will help clearing your system of toxins and stripping out excess water from the top layer of the skin (the bit that causes water retention). Everyone experiences something a little different but one 20min bath could help to eliminate up to 3lbs of excess water retention weight. RP£9.99

BOD Mermaid Shimmer Sorbet containing an ultra-silky and velvety formula which nourishes and hydrates dry skin, it contains extra-sparkly particles to give your body a holographic look, and it is vegan! Finish your bath with a dreamy layer of hydration to your skin.RP£4.99

A rough Selenite Tower Crystals are a perfect bath time companion and will help enhance your soak and accompany your meditation. Selenite is a very peaceful, calming crystal that has the ability to clear away negative energy. If you feel stressed out, tired, or angry, holding a selenite crystal can help clear away the negative energy and leave you feeling calmer and more centered. Don't wash it or place it in the water! RP£6

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Did you say clean products?

Yes! When sourcing our goodies, we look for partners with great ethics. We go for cruelty free and whenever possible we strive for: natural, organic, plant based, ethically sourced and transparent. They're not all vegan though so check the description of your faves.

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