Natural polished Selenite egg

‘‘Liquid light’’ , Selenite is a cooling smooth white crystal which brings about peace and is believed to be very effective in absorbing negative energies and providing mental clarity and a sense of tranquility.

Named after the Greek Goddess Selene, the Goddess of the Moon, thus associating it with lunar cycles and the divine feminine, Selenite makes for a wonderful talisman for women, bringing radiance and harmony, and support through all cycles of life. Selenite may be used as an emotional stabilizer to calms mood swings, bring clarity and focus and banish mental blocks.

As a purifier , Selenite is a great clearing ritual tool , that brings a sense of deeper understanding and helps renew your perspective, and encourage a spring of fresh thought.

Do not wash Selenite. Selenite is a purifier , it can also help purify your other crystals. You can leave Selenite in the corners of your home, near your bed, or hold it during meditation.

About 5cm height.

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