Butter Bar Soapery Mini Vanilla, Cocoa & Honey Bath Salt Sachet

Natural & Cruelty Free. 40gr

An indulgent silky bath soak that will prepare your mind and body for a great night’s sleep. 
Loaded with moisturising chunks of cocoa butter, milk, honey and fine grains of oatmeal for soothing and calming benefits.  As soon as you touch the water you'll notice how creamy it is and your skin will feel silky smooth. 
Scented with sweet Vanilla extract to help you feel calm and peaceful.


Epsom Salts - Known to help ease aching muscles and could even relieve cold symptoms. 

Dead Sea Salt - Contain 21 minerals which help to retain nourishment, detoxify and cleanse. 

Goats Milk Powder - Wonderful for softening and moisturising skin. 

Cocoa Butter - A rich hard butter from the cacao bean. It has many benefits, such as soothing inflamed skin conditions, can help reduce signs of aging, it is widely recognised to help with stretch marks and moisturises.  

Honey Powder - Great for sensitive skin, it also is a natural skin cleanser and helps soften skin. 

Oatmeal (ground) - Known to relieve skin irritations and conditions thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.  

Vanilla Extract - Smells absolutely delicious but it does have antioxidants which protect and help with skin damage. 


What will I get in my box?

3 to 6 products every month, depending on their size, ranging from skincare (such as bath salts, body scrubs, oils and creams or face care) to bath and meditation accessories (such as candles, incense, crystals etc). We will surprise you every month!

How much does it cost?

A monthly Stars&Sage subscription is 29£ (+4.9 P&P) You can also pay upfront for 3 months and save money. You can now also receive one box every 2 or 3 months only to save!

When will I receive my box?

We will be sending the boxes out on the third week of the month, and will notify you in case of delays, you should receive yours 3 to 5 working days later.

Did you say clean products?

Yes! When sourcing our faves to build your box, we look for partners with great ethics. We go for cruelty free and whenever possible we strive for: natural, organic, plant based, ethically sourced and transparent. You'll receive a booklet describing every goodie in your box to make it easier for you to know each product's ingredients and to help you create a ritual with them.

So, this is a Beta?

Yep! We sent our first box in March and a limited number of boxes will be available. We'd like to see what you think so we can improve.

And I can cancel anytime?

Yep! with a monthly subscription, you can cancel whenever you want. With 3-month subscriptions you can opt out at the end of your plan, since you payed upfront. Going on vacation and have a MONTHLY plan? Skip a month! You'll have total flexibility directly from your account!

Where do you ship?

We ship products and One-off Ritual Boxes pretty much everywhere. Please check below for countries, fees & times. However we only take members for subscriptions in the UK for now, so you cannot subscribe from outside the UK. (We're working on it). Products, one-off boxes and Quick Fix Kits Destinations: UK £6 - 5 to 8 days delivery (note that price can increase for a high volume order). Spain £14 - 5 to 8 days delivery. South Korea £17 - 7 to 9 days delivery. Switzerland £13 - 5 to 8 days delivery. France £15 - 5 to 8 days. Sweden £14 - 5 to 8 days. Norway £13 - 5 to 8 days. Denmark £14 - 5 to 8 days. Netherlands £8 - 5 to 8 days. Ireland £12 - 5 to 8 days. Rest of EU £15, delivery times vary (contact us for more info). ROW £25, delivery times vary (contact us for more info).