BEYOU Period Cramp Relief Patch

100% natural. Finally, a natural solution to help soothe period cramps!

‘Natural’ and ‘herbal’ aren’t just buzzwords to BEYOU; they’re at the core of their mission: to create science-backed, natural products for women everywhere. Scientists are increasingly finding inspiration by observing the wonders of mother nature. By correlating the physiological effects of different organic ingredients, you end up with products, which aren’t only natural but created and tested using rigorous scientific research.

The patches contain no chemicals, and work wonders for women during periods.
By relaxing the muscles it provides discreet and continuous relief from period pain caused by muscle cramps.
As you know, period cramps are caused by muscle contractions. The eucalyptus and menthol oils , the two ingredients of the patch. These get absorbed (slowly) through the skin and help ease the muscular tension which causes period cramps.

No need to keep having pain killers or refilling hot water bottles . The patches provide up to 12 hours of relief in 1 patch!

£7.00 £4.99

Did you say clean products?

Yes! When sourcing our goodies, we look for partners with great ethics. We go for cruelty free and whenever possible we strive for: natural, organic, plant based, ethically sourced and transparent. They're not all vegan though so check the description of your faves.

Where do you ship?

**COVID19 may affect delivery** Please allow for a couple of days for order processing.** We ship mainly in the UK but we are opening to the world. Please check below for countries, fees & times. Destinations: UK starts at £6 - 5 to 8 days delivery (note that price can increase for a high volume order). Spain £14 - 5 to 8 days delivery. South Korea £17 - 7 to 9 days delivery. Switzerland £13 - 5 to 8 days delivery. France £15 - 5 to 8 days. Sweden £14 - 5 to 8 days. Norway £13 - 5 to 8 days. Denmark £14 - 5 to 8 days. Netherlands £8 - 5 to 8 days. Ireland £12 - 5 to 8 days. Rest of EU £15, delivery times vary (prices are subject to change, see at check-out, contact us for more info). ROW £25, delivery times vary (contact us for more info). **next day delivery only for orders before 11am, COVID might affect timeliness.**